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Shampoo Sink Requirements in BC
06-16-2011, 02:15 AM (This post was last modified: 06-16-2011 02:18 AM by admin.)
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Shampoo Sink Requirements in BC
Shampoo Sink Requirements in BC

When opening a salon in British Columbia you will have to pass a city plumbing inspection.

This inspection will require a vacuum breaker to be installed on your shampoo sink and a CSA approved bowl.

A vacuum breaker is designed to act as a one way value for the water flow. This is required for example to prevent possible sewage from coming out of your faucet if there is an earth quake in BC.

It is a useless requirement that only makes things more complicated when installing shampoo bowls. BC is the only Provence that has this requirement. Some parts of Alberta request it.

Below is a picture of a vacuum breaker.

[Image: VBSmall.jpg]

CSA is the second certification requirement for shampoo bowls. BC is the only Provence requiring this. This means that a bowl has been approved to pass certain designated tests to achieve this certification. Two of the tests are a pressure test and a burn test. The pressure test is when the ceramic bowl is crushed under pressure to see how much weight the bowl can resist. The second burn test is that a lit cigarette is placed on the bowl for a duration of time. If the bowl melts a certain amount of millimeters or blows up it will not pass. This is why most plastic bowls are not CSA approved because usually they will melt a bit.

Some suppliers of salon/spa equipment sell shampoo bowls and other equipment with CSA stickers that are not legitimate. Stickers can be manufactured, or taken from other items.
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