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Tattooing made painless!
06-17-2011, 12:43 AM (This post was last modified: 06-17-2011 12:45 AM by admin.)
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Tattooing made painless!
Certainly tattoos are supposed to hurt. A tattoo is something you should earn, not another consumer item that you can purchase at the mall but a true right of passage. This is what gives tattoos it's magic and why tattooed people are better than everyone else. green

But for those of us who've proven ourselves already by way of being extensively tattooed, there's now a product that helps us get through the more difficult sessions. You may even dread those final sessions on the rib cage just a little less.

This new product is called Maxilene 5. This product is a pure Lidocaine based topical anesthetic in an emulsion that penetrates unbroken skin and can completely numb the area you're about to get tattooed. You can also reapply the product to rejuvenate the anesthetic properties as you tattoo, for prolonged comfort.

This is not your typical Emla cream. There are no ingredients in this product that change the consistency of the skin or cause a hard heal. I've been using this product personally for over a year, experimenting with how to use it to assist my tattooing and I can testify to it's incredible effectiveness in making my customers much more comfortable.

I now have regular inventory of 'Maxilene 5' topical anesthetic available to my forum brethren as I'm working with the produce manufacturer to introduce Maxilene 5 to the tattoo community.

This topical anesthetic goes on as a cream on unbroken skin and numbs the skin before you start tattooing. You can reapply the product as you tattoo to continue it's anesthetic qualities and keep the pain down on your tattoo for hours at a time.

Apply Maxilene 5 up to two hours before your tattoo session. Begin by thoroughly washing the skin with soap and water. Shave the area to be tattooed. Apply generous amounts of Maxilene 5 to the skin, so the skin isn't visible under the product. Wrap the skin up with plastic food wrap like a bandage and seal the plastic wrap up with tape to make it as air tight as possible (this is called an occlusive dressing). After a couple of hours, remove the dressing and allow the tattoo artist to apply the stencil and start tattooing as soon as possible.

You'll find that the tattoo should be completely painless or very, very mild.

If you hate getting your sensitive bits tattooed, this is the product you've been waiting for.

[Image: maxilenes.jpg]

I now have regular inventory and can ship on demand.

Price is $39 per 15g tube or $76 per 30g tube, plus $8 shipping anywhere in North America.

Thanks for looking, please let me know if you have any questions!


You can now order direct through our ordering page:
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